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Ramón Ramos

Calle Pozo, 0, 49153 Venialbo, Zamora, Spain

Let's Meet Ramón Ramos

Ramón Ramos is a long-time friend of Harris Wine Merchant. Intense, brash, and non-conforming. Sometimes that refers to the wines, others the winemaker. Ramón does not want to know anything about new-school styles. His wines are Toro wines and Toro wines are highly concentrated with ripe black fruit and loads of tannin. Read on…

Founded in 1963, it is very much a family-run operation with his brother handling vine maintenance and his father directing traffic and serving as in-house historian. The old winery is built into the side of a hill in Venialbo outside of Zamora. Though his team is in the process of building another, more modern winery into the side of another hill, they will have the same concrete fermentation structures. All malolactic fermentation takes place in concrete.

The property has 60 hectares of own-vine and purchases grapes from other farmers with whom they have worked with since the winery's inception. These vines are between 25 years old, for the unoaked wines, and up to 120 year-old, pre-phylloxera vines for the aged wines.

Viticulture / Vinification

Dense plantings naturally reduce yields (< 30 hectoliters per hectare).

All wines are fermented in stainless steel and open-top wooden vats.

Stems left on cluster during fermentation

Punch-downs by foot.

All wines are vinified separately.

Wines aged in foudres and barriques for 24 months before final blending and bottling.

Finished wines are bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Very low doses of sulfur, sometimes none at all.

Toro “Plot 1”:
Cuvée made up of all younger vines.

Toro “Plot 2”:
Cuvée made up of all older vines.